A Hibbard Weekend

It's been a relaxing Saturday. Since Ike settled down a LOT, we haven't had quite the weather we were expecting today. We're still supposed to get a good bit of the rain and some wind, but hopefully nothing like what was anticipated - although there are some tornado warnings and such in counties around us. We'll see how the night unfolds.

Right now Angie is finishing her afternoon nap and Olivia and Steven are watching Cars for the umpteenth time! :-) Ah, the toddler life - repetition is beloved! Steven even sleeps with his cars right now. I have to go into his room after he goes to sleep and clean out his bed so he won't roll over on the cars and hurt himself in the night. So silly!

Now, don't laugh and don't be too harsh on me for my early start, but we've been getting started on Christmas presents this month. Last year Doug and I decided to begin a tradition of making Christmas presents for each other. That's not to say we don't buy at all, but we sit down with the kids and help them brainstorm things that they can make for each other. And, we try to brainstorm things we can make for other people, too. It makes us have to stop and really think about what someone else might truly like. If we're going to put that much time and effort into it, it needs to be something they will actually appreciate! Hopefully as time goes on, it will help us be able to teach them more and more about what went in to the original Christmas gift. So, it's pretty obvious that I have to get an early start to get my portion of the gifts made, and since I'm teaching the girls as we go along, their creations will take a little more time than it would take for me to make the same things by myself. Hence, the early start.

ANYWAY...so Olivia and I have started on Angie's Christmas present. We had to make eyes for it, so I took that as an opportunity to teach her how to do some simple stitches. Here are pictures - she actually sewed the long white strips onto the black background by herself! (I did the circles.) She did quite well!


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