I have several things to post this week - our trip over the weekend; the kittens' new antics; cute pictures. With our trip, I completely dropped the ball and left the camera in our room while we were actually with people! But, we did enjoy our time with them. I have lots of kitten pictures - over the two days we were gone they went from shaky, wobbly little ones to bold explorers!!! Smokey decided to move them to the girls' room during the night Saturday night, so we had to baby gate them into our bedroom on Sunday morning to keep her from moving them again. The girls' room is just not a great place for them!

Anyway, look for those things coming. Right now I must get back to school. I gave the girls a longer break than usual - I think we all needed it. Everyone's a bit grouchy today. But, school has gone well for the most part. I sat down to read Angie's letter book to her, and she read it to me instead! Olivia did her math in record time, completing it before break started, something we've been struggling with. Angela picked up her new phonics blends beautifully, even to the point of being able to read "st" in words. Then I sat down to teach her how to count by two's. I started to explain it all to her, and she said, "You mean like this? Two, four, six, eight, ten!" Olivia piped up and said, "Mommy, I've already taught her that!" We then just had to launch into an all-out tickle fest to "deal" with the presumptuous girls who proceeded to get ahead of me in the teaching process! :-)


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