A New Week

Well, let's see...the kittens are now all over the house. We have to really watch where we're stepping to make sure we don't plop a foot down on one of them! They are so fun - they follow us around, bite at our toes, and love our attention. Please pray more for our flea situation. They never totally went away, but they were very manageable. Smokey's Frontline worked just fine (and still does, for her!). But, over the past couple of weeks we've had a lot of trouble with them, and have had to do a lot of treating and washing and treating some more. With the cracks and gaps in the house I'm not sure we can ever truly get them out. But God can! We're praying He will.

Potty training is still going. He's definitely doing better than I expected, and I know we'll get there - hopefully soon!

It's been a nice, rather uneventful couple of days, so there's nothing big to share. Thanks for checking in!


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