Silly Kitties

Here are a couple of pictures and a few videos. The pictures are of Wilhelmina and Fezzik. Wilhelmina is definitely our bold adventurer. She is a mess! She loves to wrestle, too. She's winning our hearts more and more, even surpassing Buttercup and Wesley at times! This picture shows more of her true coloring. The more she grows, the less solid white she is. Her fur looks almost dirty! I'm curious to continue to see how her fur changes as she grows over the next few weeks.

Fezzik is definitely our shyest kitten. In this picture he is pressed up against the wall after having wrestled with some of his siblings. He doesn't come to us on his own, but when we pick him up he just nestles! He's very calm and sweet, and he LOVES to be loved on! He gets missed a lot of times when we're loving on kittens because his siblings all press for our attention. So, we're trying to make sure he gets loved on. He's just so snuggly! He also is one of our two long-haired kittens. His fur isn't nearly as long as Princess Buttercup's, but it is definitely longer than the other kittens.

The videos are of the kittens playing. Wilhelmina, Wesley, and Princess Buttercup seem to be the ones who love to wrestle the most, although you can see the others toppling over and wrestling with one another, too. (I'm hoping they actually post! I seem to have had lots of trouble posting videos since we've been down here, and I'm not sure why. They are showing in one place they're uploaded and in another that they don't exist, so we'll see what happens when I publish. If they don't post here I'll try again.)


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