Sunday Afternoon Snuggles

We were all a bit droopy and not feeling our best Sunday afternoon. It isn't fun to feel bad, but there is one thing good that always tends to come out of it - great snuggles!

He wanted to play with my glasses - doesn't he look studious (and a bit too grown up!)?

For those of you who have been praying for our potty training adventure, THANK YOU! I really, really don't like to potty train - even the easy ones aren't truly "easy." But, I still greatly appreciate the "easy" ones. Steven has done well. He only had two accidents yesterday, and today he has been dry all morning. And, he seems to recognize when he needs to use the potty. It's not always with a willingness to sit on it, but we're working on that. He comes running and crying, "Mommy, Mommy!" with a cry that I pretty quickly recognized as, "I'm about to do something that I should need a diaper for!" In fact, this morning we almost just gave it a rest for today because he just didn't want to sit on the potty and he was crying for a diaper. So, I put a diaper back on him, but within five minutes he came to me saying, "Change diaper, Mommy." The diaper was dry! So, I took him to the potty and he went. We went back to the underwear and he's done great since.

Of course, this might be a hindrance...

He disappeared from the school room and got very quiet, so I was suspicious. Sure enough, I found him asleep on the floor in his room! I tried to gently wake him up for lunch and a potty break, but he was out hard!


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