Historic Arkansas Museum

When Thursday morning dawned and our plans for Angie's birthday were derailed, Doug did some research on one of the locations on our field trip list to see if we could squeeze in a field trip for the day. It wasn't long before we were on our way to the Historic Arkansas Museum in Little Rock. We were hoping to do the outside tour through the houses and other buildings around the museum, but the weather hadn't quite cleared up enough. There was plenty on display inside, though, to hold everyone's attention for a couple of hours!

We explored an art gallery where the girls were able to see some of the artistic medium they'd been learning about. We also saw a gallery of furniture and another gallery which contained the working scores from major compositions of American composers.

Another gallery revealed an exhibit full of toys from "yesteryear." The girls were fascinated!

From there we moved into the next gallery where we saw the history of the Bowie knife, created by a blacksmith from Arkansas for Jim Bowie.

Of course, the girls were most excited about the Children's Gallery where they were able to lie down on the state of Arkansas...

play Twister on the state of Arkansas...

dress up in pioneer attire...

and play a matching game with famous works of art.

After the museum trip we had a birthday lunch at Chick-fil-A and then a quick trip to our favorite store Mardel. Once we got back on the road, the kids napped until we got to Pine Bluff where we stopped for milkshakes. They were all delighted with the milkshakes, but I think Steven was the happiest of them all!

It was definitely a fun day, and we were excited to get to enjoy our first field trip of the year. Of course, we'll have to go back at some point for that outdoor tour.


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