Angie and I were visiting with the kittens the other day. The little gray one was quite content to roll over on his back to get his belly scratched! There are several who love belly scratches.

We have named them all. The gray one above is Wesley. He's so sweet and social -- one of our favorites. The one below is one of our boys - his name is Inigo. He also seems to enjoy coming to us for loving.

I was trying to get individual pictures of each one, but they weren't being very cooperative. I'll keep working on it! At the bottom of the next picture we have Inigo with Wesley above him. There are three other dark ones that look alike, and I'm not sure which one is under Wesley. The three other dark ones are Princess Buttercup, Valerie, and Fezzik. (Anyone picking up the naming theme here?) Princess is a long-haired beauty. She and Wesley are definitely our favorites. Princess loves people and we love to run our fingers through her long fur! Valerie is the other dark girl. She's a bit shy, but very sweet. Fezzik is one of our boys, and his personality is similar to Valerie's. The two of them tend to hang back a bit when the others run to meet us, but they enjoy a good belly-rub as much as the rest of them! They definitely are sweet. Next we have Wilhemina. Okay, so her name doesn't fit with the rest, but there's a reason! When she was a newborn we thought she was a he. She was also quite the bully, although she's calmed down a bit since then. But, the bully in her made Doug think of the mayor of Memphis, so he named her King Willy! When we found out King Willy was a she, she became Wilhemina. Poor thing! :-) Next is one of the three similar dark ones - I think it's Fezzik, actually. And, last we have Vizzini. He's quite the spunkly little critter! Very social and very explorative. He doesn't quite rule the roost, but he's definitely not shy!

When I get more individual pictures, I'll make sure to get them posted.


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