Big Boy

Well, we are once again entering a phase where a lot of specific prayer would be greatly coveted! Potty training! Yep, Steven is showing the signs of readiness. Last night in the tub he suddenly stopped playing and said he was ready to get out. I didn't get to him in time, but it did indicate to me that he knows when he needs to go. Before now he has also adamantly refused to sit on the potty, but starting last night he decided his little potty isn't so bad after all. Several times after last night's bath and then again through the course of today he has asked to sit on his potty. Of course, it's always been after he's wet his diaper, but it's still a great step forward! So, anyway, pray with us that this will be a smooth training time!


glad to know we're not alone! i'm sure you have a lot more experience in this....i'm a little intimidated and don't want to stress her out, but she learned about "coco" and "xixi" while we were in Brazil, so i guess she's ready.

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