A Nice Weekend

We've had what we really needed this weekend - some nice, calm, unplanned home time. Yesterday we headed to Warren (about 15 miles up the road) to a park Doug had seen on Thursday. It had a train engine parked in it! Since Steven loves trains so much, Doug thought it would be lots of fun. I have pictures, but since it's 9:45 PM I'm not going to try to upload them tonight. I'll do that later. Anyway, Steven was a bit scared of it at first because it was so huge, but we took him up in it anyway. As we were driving away, he wanted to get back up in it, so we were glad we took him amid his protests! :-)

Today was another nice day - a quick grocery shopping trip, sorting Steven's clothes, football, and some time outside. We took the training wheels off of Olivia's bike today, and she did so well! She's only really had the opportunity to be confident on her bike since we've lived here, just because our riding space was so limited in Horn Lake. And, she takes after her mommy - low on the physical coordination! :-) But, the first time Doug let go of the bike, she was able to take off on her own for several yards! We were very proud of her for being willing to try and try again. Hopefully we'll continue to have great weather - and maybe a decrease in the mosquitos that have been SO horrible here - and can get out and practice on a daily basis.

We almost put aside potty training for a while this weekend after Steven started throwing fits about sitting on the potty. This morning I gave in to Steven's request for a diaper and went off to menu plan. I just figured we'd try again in a couple of weeks. Imagine my surprise when Steven came running into the kitchen about 15 minutes later hollering, "Mommy, I need to pee-pee in the potty!" We ran to the bathroom, took off his diaper, and he went! I was delighted! He has done that regularly today. I'd been trying to get him to the potty at regular intervals to make sure we missed accidents, but he's already learned to recognize and respond to his body's cues. That's why he was getting so upset with me making him try. So, I'm going to start listening to him a little more. Smart kid! Thanks for the prayers - I KNOW they are working!


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