The Past Few Days

Here are just a few tidbits of our past few days...

The girls love to be read to, but they also love to read to others. Naturally, Grandma's presence was the perfect opportunity. First Olivia read a book about Esther, and then Angie read all five of her school readers.

Here are a few snapshots from our time at church. The kids really did so well despite the unpredictability of the situation.

We thought we had some water damage in the house Wednesday night, but we ended up with just one wet corner affecting a couple of boxes of Christmas stuff. Everything inside those boxes was protected by plastic, so there was nothing damaged other than the boxes themselves! YAY!

Steven came out of the week with the scars of an ant fascination! He had been watching ants for a while, and we'd been trying hard to keep him away from them. Friday morning Doug went early to the church to cook some pancakes for our breakfast. As the rest of us headed to the van, the girls were getting buckled and I was loading the bags I'd been carrying. I was on my way to pick Steven up and buckle him in when I noticed he was thoroughly fascinated with a huge trail of ants in the driveway. Closer inspection showed that they were all over his shoes and legs! He came out of the incident with one leg covered with bites and other bites scattered on his other leg, arm, and face. Poor thing! They don't seem to bother him, though - and he still has his fascination with those ants!

I'll have pictures of our museum field trip tomorrow.


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