Steven & Kittens

Thank you all for praying with us over the potty-training. We're not off to an official and determined start yet, but we have made some very significant progress! Yesterday, I happened to catch Steven working to fill that diaper, so I took him and put him on his potty. He protested at first, but then he was so proud when he managed to fill the potty AND get a few M&M's! :-) Then last night during bath time I was turning to get a towel to wrap Steven in when I heard him cry out, "I need go pee-pee potty, Mommy!" I grabbed the little removable potty bowl and let him use it right there in the tub. Again, he was EXCEEDINGLY proud of himself. I haven't caught him at the right times today, but we'll work on that. At least we've moved over that hump of knowing what Mommy means by using the potty!

As for the kittens, they are once again in a new location. Yesterday they moved under our bed, but this morning Smokey was bound and determined to move them out of our room. First she went to the girls' closet. When we nixed that idea, she went to Steven's room and tried to settle under the cradle. Again we said no - not a great idea to give any of the kids unlimited access to the kittens, allow their middle of the night fighting over food to wake the kids, or eliminate the option of closing the kids' doors when needed. So, she decided to head to the front bathroom to a little nook under the cabinets. I wonder how long that will last!

They are more and more social and friendly every day. They come running to meet us and can be quite lovable! I'll try to get more pictures soon. Meanwhile, we have about three weeks before they're ready to start giving away. Please continue to pray with us that God will lead us to the right home for each one!


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