Anticipating Fridays

Every day Steven asks one of several questions.

“What day is it?”

“Is it church day?” or “Is it Sunday?”

“Is it church night day?” or “Is it Wednesday?”

Inevitably, the reason for his line of questioning is to discern how many days it is until Friday. And yes, once he know how close it is to a church day, he can then tell how close it is to Friday.

And, what’s so big about Friday, you ask? Why, it’s work day, of course! Steven looks forward to his job all week long! He is one proud little cookie!

First, he has to set the trash cans upright and return their lids.

Job 3

Job 4

Then he rolls them one at a time into the church.

Job 5

He puts the first one away, and then goes back for the second.

Job 2Job 1

It only takes a matter of minutes, and then he’s done. But, it is one of the highlights of his week! He is exceedingly proud of his little job, and feels so big when he’s doing it. Ah, growing up…


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