Not Quite Ordinary Observations

For Today...Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Outside my window...a hot, still, humid day. Summer is definitely here.

I am thinking...that I am not ready for the intense, humid summer heat. Not exactly wanting to go back to winter, but can’t we just stay in the 80’s for at least a little while longer?

I am thankful for...the Skype chat with my friend Joanna to end the day yesterday; generous friends; air conditioning; many conveniences that I tend to take for granted.

I am wearing...denim capris, red sleeveless top, tennis shoes (I think those need to come off!)

I am creating...fruit leather. Or at least trying. It won’t dry because of the humidity.

I am remembering...dry heat. I miss it. Well, I miss it in the context of having to deal with heat and preferring what I have to deal with to be dry instead of wet.

I am reading...Washington by Paul Vickery; hoping to finish it up today for review. Next up is The Lady of Bolton Hill by Elizabeth Camden. Also reading Discipleship by Bonhoeffer. I’ll be in that one for a looooong while.

I am be able to both have a productive day and make it to the pool for a little while. I think the pool will probably win out, though, if I can’t have both!

I am hearing...the girls cleaning my bathroom; the washer running.

On my mind...finding a balance between continuing to do school throughout the summer and making sure to not overtax our family as summer busyness hits.

From the learning rooms...reconstruction; Thomas Edison; I totally forgot what we’re doing in science!

Noticing that...I’m sluggish today.

Pondering these words... “It is not as if our church’s preaching were no longer God’s word, but there are so many dissonant sounds, so many human, harsh laws, and so many false hopes and consolations, which still obscure the pure word of Jesus and make a genuine decision more difficult.” Dietrich Bonhoeffer from Discipleship

From the odd week – not a lot of pizazz from the kitchen. Today it is beef stuffed french bread. Oh, and then of course there’s the fruit leather experiment.

Around the house...a little disorder from some changes in Olivia’s bedroom last night. Some friends gave us a gorgeous antique bedroom set. (THANK YOU!!!) Olivia is on cloud nine! I’d been praying for a new mattress for her because hers was pretty bad, and instead God gave her a whole set, mattress included!!

One of my favorite things...keeping in touch with friends, even when miles separate us – whether 60 miles or thousands. Technology can be a pain, but it is also such a blessing.

A few plans for the rest of the week...girls’ night tonight with a group of friends; finishing up some planning for our upcoming church Rec Camp (can’t believe it’s week after next!); church; missions planning meeting on Thursday; Rec Camp training for youth and adults on Saturday; trips to the pool as often as we can; as much school as we can squeeze in through it all.

A picture worth sharing...Angie’s favorite hairdo of late, all thanks to little foam rollers Mom brought with her when she came. We’d been using rags, and it curled up a good bit with those, but these foam rollers make MUCH tighter curls. Her hair naturally falls down to the middle of her back, but when we pull the foam rollers out in the morning, it’s usually pulled tightly up against her head, no longer than chin-length. 100_9513


She looks so different with curly hair!

What a fun time you all had :D


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