They Make Me Laugh


I noticed lately that he’s been flipping his pillow when I put him down for a nap, and sometimes when I put him to bed. I asked him why he did it, and he answered…

Because the sleep gets old on this side and I want better sleep. (or something to that effect)

I finally discovered today that he just likes the cold side of the pillow!


Steven loves his new job gathering trash cans and literally counts the days (more about that in another post). So, Olivia and Steven were talking about it one day, and Olivia determined that she wanted to be the one with the job of retrieving our family’s trash can from the street every week. Angela, who had been quietly listening to the discussion, sweetly commented:

I would do it, too, if it just wasn’t so messy.


My sweet big girl has worked long and hard for a long time to figure out writing. I always knew if she could just “get” it, she would take off. And, I wasn’t wrong! This week she was learning about the foundational basics of writing a short one-page or less paper (one of the reasons we switched language arts programs – she wasn’t getting those foundations, and I wasn’t teaching them well). We went over her rough draft together, and it was fantastic! Yes, it still needed a good bit of editing, but I was very proud of the effort.

One of the biggest edits needed was her spelling. She’s not a natural speller. I don’t worry too much about it, but I do encourage her to use the dictionary. One of the words I told her to look up was exact. Let’s just say she was WAY off – so much so that she couldn’t even find it in the dictionary. A few minutes later, something came up about the word exactly, and she decided (as all three of my children frequently do), to use the word in a sentence.

I didn’t spell exact exactly right.

My response? Sweetie, you didn’t even come close!

Her answer (with a huge grin): Well, I got the “e” and the “t” right!

Yes, my children definitely make me laugh.


I love these kid-moments :D And you're be really glad you wrote the down.

Funny about the pillow - my boys often do the same thing. They want a cool spot.


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