Easter Celebration

The Wednesday before Easter, we had our Easter celebration with the kids at church. That Wednesday afternoon/evening was one of our stormy days, so we had to move all our activities indoors. But, we had LOTS of fun anyway!!

We got there early to help hide eggs and set up. Angela gave invaluable help watching little Knox so that his mama (Karlyn) and I could head to the sanctuary to hide eggs. Olivia and Madelyn, one of our teenagers, helped out by entertaining Steven and Knox’s big brother Sawyer.

Easter 8

When it was finally time to start, the kids waited patiently (well, mostly!) for their instructions before heading off to the sanctuary to find the eggs full of candy!

Easter 7

Easter 6

Easter 5

Once all the eggs were found (and amazingly enough, I think we really did find them all!!), we headed back to the fellowship hall where each child was given a bowl of egg dye and one egg. They were told to color the egg while listening to the story.  Meanwhile, each child was handed a plastic resurrection egg, each containing a part of the story – so everyone got to help tell the story.

Easter 2Easter 3Easter 4

When the story was over, they were told to look at their brightly colored eggs. Each one revealed a cross…

Easter 1

Finally, it was time to eat! Sugar cookies to frost and decorate, and cupcakes! Sugar high!!

We were delighted with the turnout for such a stormy night, and we were so phenomenally thankful that there were no power outages!


That's a great idea - to reveal the cross. Glad you all had fun :D

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