Birthday Celebrations

I suppose a decade of life deserves a lot of celebration because Olivia has sure had it this year! We’ve been celebrating for weeks!

bday2It all kicked off with a trip to Olive Garden when we were in Monroe a couple of weeks ago. Olivia had been hungry for Olive Garden for quite some time, so Grandma & PopPop took us all.


Then Olivia wanted to go to the mall for a carousel ride. Her choice of rides was no real surprise to any of us!








We got home from Monroe last Tuesday night, and the next day Nanny came for a visit. She brought a cake and birthday cards, and we had a little birthday celebration at lunch that day.


Sunday night we had a fellowship meal at church, so I took a cake and we asked everyone to sing “Happy Birthday” to her. Then on Wednesday night as we were all hunkered down in the hall at church waiting for the possible-tornado-bearing-thunderstorm to pass, we all sang “Happy Birthday” to her again.

Finally the actual day rolled around! We had decided to head to Little Rock to take more birthday pictures and let her go shopping with some of her birthday money, but first we let her open presents after breakfast.

(Susan the sock doll joined the party so she could meet William as soon as he was unwrapped!)








After breakfast and morning chores, we headed out. We started at Target where she bought a new watch (a rather grown-up one, too!), and then we went on to her lunch of choice – IHOP. She wanted breakfast for lunch, so that was the place! Then we went to Hobby Lobby where she found some delightful craft kits.

She, William, and Susan celebrated at bedtime with the sock dolls wearing their new outfits that match some of her pj’s.


Since we were gone on her actual birthday, we had her meal of choice – chicken pot pie – and her cake – angel food with strawberries and whipped cream – today at lunch.

Meanwhile, Daddy had one more surprise for her. Years ago – she probably wasn’t much older than three or four – Olivia went through a phase when she was constantly asking when she could drink Coke. Doug finally told her that she could have her very own Coke on her tenth birthday.

She forgot about it (as did I), but Daddy didn’t! He bought her a Coke in a glass bottle (the ultimate Coke-drinking experience!) and gave it to her for her birthday lunch. bday7


Since her celebration was so scattered into so many activities over so many days, I forgot to hang the banner and balloons like I do every year, and I didn’t even buy cool plates and napkins for her! But, she didn’t seem to care. I think she thoroughly enjoyed her tenth birthday.

And now to begin the second decade…


Choate Family said…
May the second decade be more full of joy than the first!
Hurray! Looks like she had a great time!

Here's to the next decade - cheers!


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