We started VBS at church last night, and the first night seemed to go very smoothly. YAY! The girls were excited - this is the first time we've been able to attend more than a day or two of VBS since Olivia was a year old! So, the girls are thrilled to actually be regular attenders this year.

I got to do just what I was hoping to do - float around and get to know people. I got a few more names and family connections figured out, and I got to chat with some people here and there. We are excited about some of the things God seems to be laying before us here at Calvary Baptist.
  1. We've started getting to know a young couple in the church - they've been married almost two years and are about to start their senior year of college. They are a vibrant, passionate young couple, and we hope to start having them in our home a couple of times a month. They really seem to have a great heart for ministry, whether it be formal ministry or simply reaching out to the people around them. Pray for us as we seek to both absorb some of their energy and freshness and mentor them in their journey of life. We also have a joint goal of reaching out to the college community here and beginning to build a college ministry in our church.
  2. I found out last night that there is a great hunger for women's ministry, both in fellowship and in Bible study. Many of you know that women's ministry is one of my big passions, so pray that I will know how and when to pursue seeing this opportunity begin.
  3. Another thing that was mentioned last night was the need for marriage ministry and counseling. Doug and I brought a passion for marriage ministry into our own marriage, and it has grown over the years. It's hard to believe that we, as a couple in our early 30's who haven't quite reached that 10-year mark, could possibly have much to offer! But, we know the passion is of the Lord, and we are excited to see how He uses us to facilitate marriage ministry in our church.
  4. And, it's pretty obvious how we feel about homeschooling. The other thing I found out last night is that there is a homeschool group here in Monticello, and they just lost their meeting place! I should be getting the phone number this week for a contact person, and we will probably be offering church facilities for the meetings. Not only will this be an automatic way for me to get involved in the group, it will also serve as an incredible outreach tool.

We're so excited to see how God is already working. Pray that we don't try to get ahead of Him and do anything on our own! We definitely need to move in His strength and on His time table. Thanks for partnering with us in prayer!


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