Our New Normal

The weekend has been great! We've worked around the house, run some errands, and enjoyed being together. This morning is a bit strange, though. I was the only one not ready at 8:00, and that's simply because I greatly took my time this morning. By 8:30 I was ready, too! For over three and a half years, that's been our target time for heading out the door, even when we were at Carriage Hills (Sunday school started at 9:00 there). I'm sure we'll get the hang of the later start, though.

The school room is finally beginning to take shape. After struggling all week to even get started, I finally really prayed about it this weekend. And, wouldn't you know, we made some progress! We've still got a ways to go, but now there's a plan, and I think it will go much more smoothly from this point on. YAY!

We do greatly need to get back into our school routine. Several things we're battling will probably improve when we have that routine in place again. Olivia's hyperactivity has reared its head again, and she is struggling greatly with self-control and making right choices. Angela has reverted to wetting herself during the day, sometimes two and three times a day! Typically our routine helps with both of those situations, so I'm praying that getting back to school will help with that. Steven's current "issue" won't be helped by school, I'm afraid. He has begun to absolutely HATE bathtime! I'm sure resolving that issue will take prayer and a lot of calmness on our part!

Other than those little issues, everyone is really doing well. We seem to have caught up on sleep from the late VBS nights, and we're ready to plug into a new week. Oh, and we got library cards! Woo-hoo! The girls were very excited. The "experience" of our local library isn't quite the same as our beloved Horn Lake library, but the blessing of having a local library is a great one. Even Steven got his own card this time!


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