Good-bye MDO

It's hard to believe, but Olivia and I said good-bye to MDO yesterday. Steven and Angie will go one last time next Monday while Olivia and I pack their bedrooms. Just to let you know how much MDO has meant to our family over the years, even Doug was emotional as we left yesterday! I managed to hold back the tears through much of the day, but last night in the shower I had my "moment." I'm sure I'll have several more! Please pray for us as we make the adjustment and seek to find new ways to greatly establish social interaction in Monticello. We are still looking into the extent of the homeschool community there - so far we don't know much. But, we know God has all of that under control, too!

The kids are doing so well. Emotional at times, but that's to be expected. We've seen quite a few Lego and bristle block creations lately! :-)

We seem to have almost everything lined up for the move, which is very exciting. We are definitely ready to begin this new life!


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