The Welcome is Complete

Okay, to truly understand the significance of this, I have to give a little background. I've always loved taco salad - for as long as I can remember. My mom makes the best taco salad in the world, and it was one of my favorite meals growing up. Once I left home, though, I discovered that my mom makes taco salad differently from everyone else. First of all, she makes it with Doritos rather than plain tortilla chips. That difference wasn't that big of a deal. The Doritos definitely add a pizzazz to the salad, but tortilla chips are great, too. The biggest difference was the dressing. See, Mom mixed up the ingredients - chips, meat, salad fixin's - in a big bowl and then drenched it all in 1000 Island dressing. Mmmmmm........ When I first ate someone else's taco salad, I was a bit disappointed. You can ask my MDO friends - whenever we had taco salad for our monthly luncheon (my favorite luncheon of the year - usually appropriately scheduled for March, my birthday month!), I would usually bring along my own bottle of 1000 Island dressing! I was laughed at on more than one occasion over the past decade and a half since leaving home, but I don't care. I love my taco salad!

Which brings me to last night. Some sweet ladies at church work hard every night to provide dinner for the VBS workers and their families. Last night was taco salad night. I was excited! I got in line only to realize I'd forgotten my dressing. But, as I looked down the table, imagine my surprise when I saw a bottle of 1000 Island dressing right there waiting for me!!! Now, I don't know if someone else is crazy like me or if that was just one of the dressings set out for those who wanted just a plain salad, but I have to say that at that point I felt that my welcome to Calvary Baptist Church was complete - someone totally unaware of my insanity just happened to include the right type of dressing!


Choate Family said…
What a blessing - I love the way God loves on you!

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