Tonight will be day four of VBS - it's been a fun week! The girls have had a great time. Steven and Angie are showing signs of being sleep-deprived from being up so long past bedtime, but they're doing well nonetheless.

Here are some pictures from our week...
Olivia helping Steven put on his shoes. They both thought it was such fun!
Angela has worn this Hawaiian flower in her hair every night! So cute!
Steven has done quite well all week. Sunday night Doug took him into the nursery and he stayed without a tear. I thought it was because Doug was the one to take him, but Monday and Tuesday night I took him and he stayed nicely. Last night as I put him down he looked at me and quietly said, "I want cookie!" I put my hands up, grinned, and said, "Nope! Those don't come from me!" Mrs. Joan laughed and went to get him a cookie! Thanks to my dear friend Amanda, Steven even had his favorite cookies to munch on (yep, we still have some!). Amanda was his Sunday school teacher at Carriage Hills, and she couldn't stand the thought of Steven not having his favorite cookies in his new Sunday school class. Thanks, Mrs. Amanda! :-)
This is the nursery clan - the little girl on the left is Steven's new best friend Riley Kate. He adores her! Sweet Mrs. Joan is even making sure these sweeties get a little VBS lesson. What a delight!

Olivia's class

Okay, this last picture doesn't relate to VBS, but I just had to put it in. I'd forgotten to put away the cereal boxes this morning. The girls had a new treat for breakfast. We usually sprinkle a few bites of a "fun" cereal on top of their regular cereal. When the church gave us an incredible pounding our first Sunday, they included several new cereals. One of them was a cereal similar to Fruity Pebbles, and the girls got some of those this morning, to their great excitement. Well, like I said, I neglected to put the cereal away, and later in the morning I walked in the kitchen to find a very happy Steven sitting at the table munching away on "foo-ey di-muns" (Fruity Diamonds)! Silly boy!


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