A Good Thursday

It's nice to have a settled in feeling again! There is still some unpacking to do, but I haven't done a bit of it today. I've actually been working in the kitchen. I needed to rearrange the food in the cabinets and inventory the generous pounding gifts we received Sunday night - and try to seal everything off to protect it all from our coinhabitants the roaches! :-) So, I've made that my priority today.

The kids seem to be settling, too. Steven has only requested "up, Mommy" once since breakfast, and that was when he finished lunch and was ready for nap. Olivia and Angela wanted to draw and color this morning. Before I knew it, they were busily creating birthday cards for Steven's upcoming birthday. They are such sweet cards! Olivia is enjoying stencils and the ability to truly write, while Angela is expanding her creativity greatly to draw precious pictures.

We're getting ready to get back in the swing of menu planning and such, so hopefully I'll soon get back to trying and posting yummy new recipes! Stay tuned!


Choate Family said…
How nice to be settled a little bit more and to begin to put new roots down! Thanks for continuing to give us a sweet peek into your lives.

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