The Tour

As promised, here is a video tour of our new house. I ended up having to do multiple videos - our server vehemently protested the uploading of one large video!

As you will see, the house is HUGE!! We originally thought it was just a touch bigger than our house in Horn Lake, but as we've really moved in and unpacked, we've discovered that it is truly much bigger. It's amazing how arranging your stuff in a new environment can change your perception of space. The house is strange. There are a lot of odditites about it, and there are a lot of things that age has contributed. Being a rental instead of the owners living in it, there's also a lot of work that could be done. We will have some help from the owners to do a few things with the house, but it's the kind of place that I would love to move out of, gut and redo, and then move back in. It really has a lot of character, but since we could not financially work out a way to buy and redo it, we'll be finding a place of our own in a couple of years (after our Horn Lake house sells and we have time to really look for what we want here). Meanwhile, though, I think it will suit us just fine. The more we unpack the homier it becomes. The large kitchen is nice, and it's wonderful to have a separate laundry room! YAY! I'm also so excited about the school room.

Oh - update on the fleas. We've found a few fleas every day, so they're still around to an extent. They're not bad, but we'd love to see them gone for good. Please keep praying that God will just clear them out!

Enjoy the tour, and I'm going to enjoy getting back to unpacking - bathrooms, here I come!

Okay - the kitchen video was supposed to be here, but there was a processing issue. So, it will come after the next video!

The final video - the one of our bedroom - wouldn't process, so Im not going to worry about it - since I've been uploading these videos nearly all day!!! :-) You get the idea of the size of the house and what it looks like, for those of you who are interested anyway!


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