Daddy/Son Moments

This morning as I was in the kitchen unloading the dishwasher and the girls were finishing breakfast, Steven and Doug went off to brush their teeth. Doug came back in a few minutes later carrying Steven with a sweet look on his face. He then told me what had just happened...

Doug took Steven in to the front bathroom to get his toothbrush ready. Steven stepped up onto his little stool so he could see in the mirror and began to brush his teeth. Doug then told Steven he was going to the back to brush his own teeth. He got to our bathroom and started brushing his teeth when, before he knew it, there was Steven right beside him! Steven had, without a word or a fuss, picked up his stool and carried it and his toothbrush to the back, set his stool down, climbed on it, and started brushing his teeth again. He stood there beside his daddy as both of them brushed their teeth. Such sweet moments.


Anonymous said…
I have so enjoyed catching up this morning on your move. We have just finished VBS last week and completed another remodeling project on our house. I am wooped but not nearly as much as you I bet! I am so glad the kids are settling in well. Oh and cute toddler bed by the way!
We will be praying as you continue making your new home! We love you guys - Cyndy and family

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