Last Post from Mississippi!

We are rapidly winding down and getting stuff ready to go. I think we're more on top of this move than any other we've done. We seem to be getting the hang of this packing thing - not really sure that's a comforting thought!! :-)

We are curious about the house situation. Yes, there are the fleas. But, Doug has been trying to pry deeper in conversation with folks from the church regarding the condition of the house otherwise. When we walked through it, it was messy like any house that has just been emptied of stuff will be. From the statements church members have made, we've pictured the house left just like we saw it - in a condition that would require a good day or two of solid cleaning! But, now we're wondering if that's truly the case. The sweet church members feel that the requested rent and deposit are too high (they seem very low to us, but that's from being here in Memphis where EVERYTHING is high!), and they feel we need an immaculate house for that price. We want something that is clean enough to put our stuff into and to let our kids run through without a problem. We do want to know that the loose planks in the hardwood floor in the living room and hall have been fixed, because those would be dangerous for the kids. We also want to know that the fleas are gone. Otherwise, we feel we have gleaned enough information to know that it's not as dirty as we thought. The walls are in desperate need of some paint, which lends to an overall dirty look. We can handle that, and we'll go through and paint as we have the opportunity. So, that's the information we seem to have gathered through the course of the day. The main concern remains whether or not the fleas will be gone by Tuesday. God can easily take care of that one, and we just have to trust that He will!

We lose internet here tomorrow, and we won't have it in Monticello until Wednesday. If we end up in a hotel Tuesday night, I'll post from there to give you the update. Otherwise, just expect to hear from us Wednesday evening! Thanks so much for all of your prayers through everything. We know the Lord is hearing them and is working beautifully!


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