How to Pray

Our God is so amazing in every detail of the move, and we know that He is still paving the path before us. Even today He showed His loving hand. Some church members from Monticello came up with the church trailer to get a load of our stuff. When they arrived, the sky was very overcast, the breeze was cool, and the temperature was comfortable. Distant thunder warned of a coming summer storm, but for the time being, all was very nice. Within minutes of their departure, the sky let loose! After the storm the sun came out, the temperatures soared, and the humidity sky-rocketed. Just stepping outside was almost unbearable. God is so good!!!

Sometimes, though, when things aren't going just perfectly, we still fight against that anxiety and the need to step in and help Him out! We have some hitches (in addition to the fleas, which are still there in full force) with the house we plan to move into, and it seems that the issues are not being taken care of by the real estate agency like they should be. Please pray that God will continue to do His miraculous work and take care of every detail. If we need to find another house, pray that there will be no hitches with the preparations we've made with all of the utility companies, and that we will find the new house VERY quickly. We have the house here mostly packed, and we really can't delay our departure from here. Above all, please pray for our attitudes. We need to point to Christ in all of our interactions, and we also need to continue to trust that God has not done all He's done just to step back and tell us we have to work out these final details. He's so good, and we must trust in His continued goodness!

Thanks for all of your prayers. We covet them!


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