Catching up

I have neglected getting pictures lately, something I need to remedy! I'll work on that over the next week!

It's been a good week so far. Great progress has been made on the school room - it would all be done were it not for life continuing! :-) I actually have the shelf space to truly organize, so I'm thoroughly enjoying getting those "little" things in their own drawer, box, shelf, whatever! It's great!

On Monday Steven cut yet another tooth, his third in the three weeks since our move! Fortunately, most of his crankiness was confined to that one day, and teething tablets helped tremendously. At this point, we're waiting for the last bottom lateral incisor to poke through - his last tooth to cut until his two-year molars decide to come through. Hopefully he'll get a little break between now and then and get those molars late like he did his one-year molars. Poor kid!

Olivia got back to business yesterday, working toward finishing up those last few school assignments we didn't get done before the move. Our new stuff should arrive sometime today, and we can't wait to dive into the box! It's like Christmas! :-)

Angela has been excited to have her puzzles accessible again now that I've found a permanent place for them. She's my puzzle girl - right now she's in her room working our huge solar system floor puzzle.

Must go get laundry caught up before it takes over our bed!


Anonymous said…
Ann--We are loving your blog! Lydia and Nathan ask every day to see more pictures of the girls and Steven. While I have your blog site, we have misplaced your e-mail. Would you e-mail me at when you get a chance so that I can get that address?

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