Where's He From?

I have decided that my son must have been born in the wrong culture. It must be that he was meant to be European! Why? Because he insists on eating EVERYTHING with a fork! He doesn't like to eat with his hands - odd child, I know! :-) He wants his pizza cut, his sandwiches cut...well, everything! If it's not edible with a fork, that's because you're supposed to use a spoon instead. The funny thing is that I never dreamed my son would be my most particular child. He has definite preferences ranging from what dishes he's going to use (Pooh fork, Larry spoon, Larry plate or plate like Mommy's, etc) to what type of clothes he's going to wear - he's even particular about his socks! He's been upset with me lately for putting plain white socks on him! He's quite the mess.


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