Go Away Fleas!

I just got a phone call a few minutes ago letting me know that our new house and yard in Monticello have been infested with fleas! Lots and lots of fleas! A couple of ladies from church went to check on the house and see what needed to be done to get ready for us, and they were immediately swarmed. We just so happen to know that our amazing Lord has moved mountains already to make this move fall into place so smoothly, and we know that He can command those fleas without a second thought! The real estate agent we are working with is going to have the exterminator come and take a look to see what needs to be done, but we want to make sure this is covered with prayer. We know how stubborn those little bitty critters can be!

Will you pray with us that the Lord will clear the house and yard of fleas and that they will not be a problem for us while we live there? Thank you so much for helping us cover this in prayer!


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