Just Like Christmas!

Shortly after lunch I looked out on the front porch to discover that somehow the FedEx man had come by without my knowledge! We had been watching for him all morning, knowing that he was to be bringing our Sonlight order today! YAY! i just don't know how I missed him...

Doug had just stepped into the shower when we discovered the box, so we all waited "patiently" for him to come out so we could explore our new treasures.
Here are the girls, guarding the treasure chest!
Doug joined us in the living room, and we began unpacking the box. Olivia was ecstatic when Doug pulled out a book entitled Little House on Rocky Ridge. It's a book about Laura Ingalls Wilder's daughter, and it's on her reader list for this year! And I discovered something that should delight her even more - there is a whole list of seven more books about Rose Wilder as well as six books covering the lives of Laura's mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother! I guess we know what she'll be getting for Christmas and birthday! :-)Now I'm getting ready to dive in with labels and binders to get everything organized. Looks like it's going to be another fun year!


Choate Family said…
We love the Sonlight boxes! And we have enjoyed all of the books about Laura's family as well - happy reading!

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